Facilitation & Strategic Planning

When it comes to tough conversations and the most important decisions, we help you achieve the best possible outcome. We offer facilitation services in two key areas: the first is to help leaders navigate high stakes decisions and conversations; and the second is to help drive the strategic planning process that sets a trajectory for powerful results, now and in the years ahead.


Sometimes, before we can even begin to build a high impact team, we need to tackle some big problems first. Facilitation is our model process. Our team has deep experience guiding powerful conversations in a focused, unbiased, and action-oriented manner.

Our facilitation services are designed to serve leaders and organizations that are seeking specific operational support. This could include instances when our team members are facilitating a leadership retreat, strategic planning sessions, or team building workshops. If we identify additional training that might be beneficial to individual team members, leaders, or the organization as a whole, we’ll recommend courses and workshops through our sister company, Leadership Development Academy.

The quality of your most important conversations can mean the difference between your organization’s success and failure. And you cannot do it yourself. You are too involved. You need the outside perspective of a coach, whose only agenda is to facilitate the conversation, get clarity on the issues, and then create the best way forward. This is how you achieve the best possible outcome.

Strategic Planning

The trajectory you set today as a team will shape your activities and outcomes for years ahead. We work closely with you to ensure you have the right people involved and the information you need; and we’ll make sure the process you embark on will yield powerful results.

Often, organizations know that they should have a strategic plan, but get bogged down with the process, especially in the midst of day to day tasks. The other major problem organizations face is that they think they’re talking about strategic planning, but they’re not—they’re talking about tactics.


Businesses today are challenged with communicating their strategy at all levels of the organization, and often focus only on short-term tactics instead of long-term strategic direction. The strategic planning process is critical to assess a business’s competitive advantage and value proposition, but it must also remain true to the fundamental pillars of the organization.

A powerful strategy isn’t necessarily a complex strategy. Instead, we measure strategy by its clarity and effectiveness. In turn, effectiveness is measured by how well you can execute a strategic plan. The more complex the strategy, the more complex its execution.

A solid strategy can support your organization in staying on track; creating a path towards clarity, action, and areas of growth and expansion for the business. Don’t know where to start? We have your back! Let us help you create and execute a powerful strategic plan. Our experienced team will support you in leading the facilitation; providing tools, methodology, and processes that can transform your organization!

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