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Who We Are

Coaching is about getting the results that YOU want

We are committed to helping you become the most sophisticated leader you can be. To help you find the clarity and focus you need— to inspire you to not just improve, but transform. Whether we’re supporting individual leaders, teams and departments, or entire organizations worldwide; we bring the same level of focus, diligence, and expertise to each conversation.

We have been coaching, guiding and mentoring people just like you for over 25 years. As founding members of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance of Canada (PBCA), we feel strongly that in order to provide the best in class business and leadership coaching, a coach should have personal experience in the challenges of running successful organizations—not just in theory.

We seek out only the top performing leaders in our industry. They are seasoned professionals who have been down the paths you’re walking. They are certified, trained, and recognized both as successful business leaders and as trusted Coaches.

The true measure of our success is in the results that our clients have experienced.

  • Kerry Brown

    CEO, Co-Founder, Coach
  • Richard Larkin

    President, Co-Founder, Coach
  • Andrea Born

    Associate, Coach
  • Spencer Larkin-Brown

    Associate – Trainer

How We Help

Our role as your Coach is to be your trusted advisor. We will never tell you what you should do. It’s your business, and you get to decide what to do. We’ll provide feedback, perspective, and ask questions to help you explore your options.

We also offer extensive training courses and workshops, both online and in person, through our sister company, Leadership Development Academy. Whether you’re building an organization, dramatically improving your performance, facing a major crisis, or seeking direction for the future, we can support you.

As your coach, we help you in three ways:

  • 1Clarity – Perspective and Feedback
    It is hard to see the whole picture when you are stuck and stressed! Part of our role as your Coach is to help you gain clarity on the real issues and provide an outside perspective, a mirror to help you see things you may not be aware of. You will complete a comprehensive assessment – so that we know exactly where you are, what the problems are and where we need to focus next. This way we can make the most efficient use of our time and get the fastest results for you.
  • 2Strategy – Process and Tools
    Once you have gained clarity on your issues and redefined your dreams and vision then put into place the necessary systems, strategies, and tactics that will allow you to turn your business venture into a thriving, successful one. We provide proven best practices, tools, strategies, and techniques to help you get the results you want. The emphasis on each area depends on your needs, the type of business you have, and your goals.
  • 3Accountability – Execution and Results
    While we cannot do the work for you, we will inspire you to reach beyond what you thought possible. We’ll be the catalyst to help you focus on getting the right things done. The result? Faster and more meaningful results.

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“Kerry offered me transformational coaching throughout my first year as an executive leader. Her extensive knowledge in people and change management, time mastery and inspiring innovation, contributed a newfound confidence in myself which ultimately led to enhanced organizational success. I trusted Kerry to individually coach members of our leadership team and they too found it highly rewarding.”

Avery Brohman, Executive Director at Victoria Hospitals Foundation

“Richard is an expert in his field and I have been thrilled with the bottom line results he produces for my company. I highly recommend Richard to anyone wishing to increase their productivity and profitability!”

Melinda Harris, Go West Design Group, Inc.

As CEO of a fast-growing company, Success Biz Coach has helped me grow as a leader and stay accountable to the goals I set. Having worked with many other company leaders, Kerry is able to share advice, perspective and tools for whatever challenge I might be facing as our organisation quickly evolves.

Tim Lindsay, CEO and Founder, Tellwell Talent

Kerry Brown

CEO, Co-Founder, Coach

As a business coach with over 25 years of experience, and the founder of our sister company, Leadership Development Academy (LDA), Kerry has the uncanny ability to drill down to the real issue and challenge you to take the actions that you may have been avoiding. With her vast experience as a business owner, top producing sales professional, and Executive and CEO peer group leader, Kerry brings a breadth and depth of wisdom and practical, proven experience to her business coaching process.

Kerry works to improve effectiveness for executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, top producing sales professionals, and individuals in leadership roles. She is also a gifted facilitator with extensive experience facilitating difficult conversations. Many of her coaching relationships extend for many years.

Kerry has worked with many teams to deliver fully customized group programs (in person or virtually) on a variety of subjects; including emotional intelligence, strengths-based assessments, peer coaching programs, and short and long term workshop series.

Kerry’s coaching methodology can best be described as insightful, practical, straight-shooting and action focused. Whatever your development goals, Kerry can create a program that will help you cultivate high performance teams.


  • BA Honors UVIC
  • Authorized Partner with Wiley in DiSC Workplace, Productive Conflict, Management, Sales, Work of Leaders and Agile EQ programs
  • Authorized Partner with Wiley for The Five Behaviors® programs, “Team Development” and “Personal Development”
  • Master Certified Professional Business Coach
  • Certified MasterMind Executive Coach
  • Certified Professional Leadership Developer
  • Founding member and current Board of Directors: Canadian Professional Business Coaches Association (PBCA)

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Richard Larkin

President, Co-Founder, Coach

As a serial entrepreneur, franchise developer and co-founder of our sister company, Leadership Development Academy (LDA), Richard knows what it is like to worry about the day-to-day survival of the business, and the pressures of making enough money for both a healthy business and personal life. He understands what it’s like to put in long hours.

His vast experience as a coach, mentor and facilitator allows him to analyze all aspects of your business and leadership, and help you implement proven strategies and systems needed for success. Whether you’re in the planning stages of a new start-up, or want to ensure your established business is running smoothly, Richard can guide you in all aspects from marketing, customer service, business systems, team dynamics, and franchise development.


  • Authorized Partner with Wiley in DiSC Workplace, Productive Conflict, Management, Sales, Work of Leaders and Agile EQ programs
  • Authorized Partner with Wiley for The Five Behaviors® programs, “Team Development” and “Personal Development”
  • Master Certified Professional Business Coach
  • Founding member: Canadian Professional Business Coaches Association (PBCA)

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Andrea Born

Associate, Coach

As a certified senior human resources professional with 18 years of experience working with leaders across industries, Andrea brings her passion for helping organizations build high performing teams and coaching leaders to reach their full potential.

To her, self awareness is key to good leadership. Everything from conflict resolution and employee relations, to workplace culture and team dynamics revolve around a leader’s mastery of self-leadership.

As a trainer and coach with both Success Biz Coach and our sister company, Leadership Development Academy, Andrea, can help you develop your talents and bring your team together. She has extensive experience with succession planning, risk and change management, employee and labour relations, and high performance coaching.


  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA), UNBC
  • Executive Coaching Graduate Certificate, Royal Roads University
  • Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation
  • Certified Human Resources Professional
  • World Business & Executive Coach Partner
  • Member of the International Coach Federation

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Spencer Larkin-Brown

Associate – Trainer

As a fourth year student of the BBA Human Resource Leadership & Management program at Camosun College, Spencer specializes in coaching and training in HR management, as well as a facilitation to help leaders navigate through difficult conversations and strategic planning. He is also a trainer and facilitator with our sister company, Leadership Development Academy (LDA).

Servant leadership is key to Spencer’s approach, both as a human resources professional focusing on people and culture development, and a coach and trainer who helps emerging leaders grow and thrive. From leading team building sessions to helping organizations recruit and retain talent, Spencer will help you build an organization centred around community.


  • Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Human Resource Leadership & Management, 4th Year, Camosun College
  • Volunteer Senior Leader, Young Life of Canada

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