“The Lost Art of the Personal Touch”


When was the last time someone sent you a card to say, “thanks”, I really appreciate you or I want to thank you for a job well done.  Maybe someone was thinking of you and just wanted to say they miss you and sent you a note to tell you that.  Perhaps a family member that lives across the country wanted to say they were thinking of you and look forward to their next visit. There are countless examples of cards or letters you could receive for a variety of reasons aren’t there?  Conversely there are numerous reasons you could send a card or letter to brighten someone else’s day.  So how come you don’t anymore?  I think we are generally a well intentioned society, it simply seems that we are overloaded and overwhelmed with so much to do that this little gesture has been pushed aside.

 Oh, there are those cute e-mail cards you can send that open and do some very cool things.  Especially at Christmas, there is a variety of talking animal’s, playful children, snowmen, angels and well, you know the ones.  Somehow it isn’t quite the same as when someone takes the time to send a very personal note to you, specific to your relationship to let you know they care.  Those e-mails are usually deleted soon after, whereas a card has a way of ending up on your bulletin board and kept for a longer period of time.  It seems a little more authentic and personal doesn’t it?

 The interesting thing about all the technology we have today is that the human element has almost been removed from the way we interact and do Business with people.  A few years ago when the internet started to become popular, there were many companies that announced this was the way they were going to do Business, totally automated, totally electronic and very efficient.  What many have learned is that loyalty and relationships aren’t built in an environment devoid of human interaction. 

The pendulum has swung back again to actions that are referred to as, online and offline marketing strategies.  Let’s face it, people want to do Business with people that they know, like and trust.  The more you can create an environment of caring and appreciation of your clients, the more stable and secure your Business will become. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for using every bit of technology we now have at our fingertips to grow our Business as I’m sure you are.  After all, today we can reach a larger and better targeted audience who is actually looking specifically for our products or services online.  There is a much different dynamic in the sales process when a client comes to you ready to buy because they like what they have seen and read about you and your Business on the internet. The difference lies in whose decision it is to buy.  When you try to sell something to someone, it’s your decision being forced on them.  When someone wants to buy something, it’s their decision!

The savvy companies that are marketing online today are finding a way to obtain your mailing address in addition to your e-mail as a way to keep in touch and let you know how much they value your Business.  On the flip side of the online coin there are also companies that have not embraced any form of internet or database management strategies.  I recently had an experience with a local Business that didn’t keep track of their customer list or what they purchased and wasn’t planning to implement anything in the near future either, hmmm! 

The whole point of my rant today which I hope comes through is that whatever you do online or offline, it needs to be related to building a relationship with your client of trust, appreciation and caring. Hey, maybe give them a call or send them a card or something out of the ordinary.  Surprise them with a personal touch and that alone will have them think of you over everyone else you might perceive as your competition.  One simple rule you must understand about all good sales and marketing is that it begins with putting other people first.  Dale Carnegie said, “When dealing with people, remember, you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion”.  Reach out and touch someone and find a balance between online and offline strategies and I believe the lifetime value of your clients will increase dramatically.


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