Estended DISC   Extended DISC® Personal Analysis

Success Biz Coach is a Licensed Distributor for Extended DISC®.  It is a personal analysis to provide supporting information to the client in self development.


Extended DISC® may not be for your organization. It is used by the leading companies in their respective fields, but not by everyone. Extended DISC® can help only if you are committed to getting better and willing to make the necessary decisions to become more successful.

Most business owners say they struggle with personnel decisions. They claim that issues such as how to better lead the organization or how to develop a better business model with the existing workforce often keep them up at night. Often they explain that the challenges of effectively aligning employees with the current business strategy, or how to better align the strategy with the existing employees, create a need for candid information to make better business decisions.

WHAT IS Extended DISC®?

Extended DISC® provides you with information to make better business decisions with confidence. It helps you and your organization to be more profitable and to avoid decisions that result in expensive mistakes, wasted resources and time, and costly problems.


Your business is likely to consider its people as the most valuable asset. You realize that your employees create a competitive advantage and determine how successful the business is and will be in the future. As a result, you want information to clearly understand what employee behaviors lead to success or failure. You also want to understand why you are losing valuable employees - in some cases to your competitors.

If you want to make better strategic and tactical decisions, and to improve your financial results, you need the information Extended DISC® provides.

  • Lead your organization better.
  • Develop a better business model.
  • Effectively align your employees with the strategy.
  • Align your strategy with your employees.
  • Develop the performance of your employees.
  • Place the best people in the right jobs.
  • Reduce expensive turnover.
  • Retain the best employees.
  • Understand and develop your organizational culture.

It is easy to determine if Extended DISC® can help you and your organization.  Contact us to disucss how  Extended DISC®  could help. 

Together we can find out if your business needs the information Extended DISC® provides.



"Extended DISC® provides our company with all of the employee and organizational development tools we need."
Riley Harvill, President
The HarBeck Company, Inc.
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