Another day goes by and your “To Do” list hasn’t budged!

You are feeling overwhelmed and missing opportunities because of your lack of organization!

Imagine if you had an extra hours of productivity each week? What would that do to your bottom line, to your results?  Never before have expectations on your time been greater.  In actual fact, due to constant message bombardments from today’s electronic world, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of email and constant distractions making it hard to focus on top priorities all the time.  You are falling painfully behind, in time.  Perhaps in fact it feels more like you are working all the time and still not catching up!


We all need to learn new techniques needed to master:

  • Today’s electronic information overload,
  • Knowing when to say “No” and how to refocus on “the important”,
  • Operating in a stress-free state all the while getting results,
  • An improved means of collecting and storing information,
  • Controlling where your time is allocated,
  • Eliminating distracting communications,
  • Understanding where your time leaks are and close them,
  • Indentifying any beliefs you have that are causing poor management of tasks,
  • Greater efficiency, effectiveness and motivation.

Six Stage Curriculum:

First & Second Webinars:
  • Finally get rid of the mountain of incoming information effectively
  • Learn to operate with a clean desk and a proven file system
  • Gain insight into the five stages of mastering workflow
  • Review how your systems are working or not
  • Examine your workplace systems and modify to create a high productivity workplace
  • Identify and eliminate any unanswered questions regarding the personal application of “inbox management”

Third & Fourth Webinars:

  • Learn how to take control of the work day
  • Gain clarity in your personal “meaningful objectives” and workplace critical projects
  • Master a document system that effectively works for many others
  • Establish a new sense of priority in your daily events

Fifth & Sixth Webinar:

  • Fine tune your computer skills for matching a paperless system using Outlook
  • Learn to carry out an ongoing evaluation of your work and progress
  • Graduation!


To Maximize Your Results in The Program we recommend you purchase:

  • Getting things done by David Allen, and
  • Take back your life! (for Outlook 2007) by Sally McGhee.


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