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Case Studies

A typical example is one client who after 20 years of running his Chiropractic clinic was still struggling with attracting new clients and keeping them for the long term. Since working with us he now understands his target market and what problems they have and how he can communicate to them that he has the solution. He also now knows how to have them believe he can produce the results they want.  Furthermore he now has systems in place to better serve his patients and programs that make him unique that separate him from his competition.

A successful graphic designer came to us to improve her systems.  After we helped her develop systems to create a more efficient process without sacrificing her high level of customer service she is now able to expand her target market for potential clients.

A law firm came to us to coach the partners and to help them build their practise strategically.  By coaching the partners individually as well as conducting bi-annual strategic planning retreats the firm has grown from one office to three and has more expansion plans on the horizon.

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